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Kenyon Carter

Saxophonist | Educator | Producer

Welcome to the official website of jazz saxophonist, educator, and producer Kenyon Carter.

Kenyon is an accomplished musician who has performed with some of the most respected names in the industry and a dedicated educator who is passionate about sharing his love of music with others.

Additionally, Kenyon is a recording artist who has released three chart-topping albums, and he has created a range of jazz education resources that are used by students and educators worldwide.

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Dynamic, Engaging...


Clear, Accessible...


Versatile, Thoughtful...

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As a highly sought-after saxophonist, Kenyon is known for his technical mastery, emotional depth, and creative expression.

His music blends jazz, funk, and soul influences to create a dynamic and engaging sound that captivates audiences of all ages.

Whether he's playing in a small club or on a large stage, Kenyon's performances are always energetic and captivating, and he has a special talent for connecting with his audience.

With years of experience performing, Kenyon has honed his craft to become one of the most skilled and talented saxophonists in the industry


In addition to his work as a performer, Kenyon is also a dedicated educator. He has taught jazz saxophone at several universities and colleges, including Georgia Technical Institute, Jacksonville State University, and Valdosta State University.

Kenyon is also the creator of the "Bebop Boot Camp" series of jazz education resources, which includes books, videos, and other materials designed to help students and educators improve their improvisation and jazz performance in general.

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Kenyon has released several albums as a recording artist, including "Right By My Side," "Songs for My Father," and "Game On!"

Six singles from those albums were featured on several top radio play lists, such as the Billboard Smooth Jazz Chart, have received critical acclaim and are beloved by fans around the world.

"As an artist and educator, my goal is to use music to inspire and connect with others, and to help others discover the joy and beauty of this amazing art form."

- Kenyon

What Others Said:

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“My favorite saxophonist...”

“Kenyon is an incredible musician with a talent for connecting with his audience. He always 'brings it', and has a unique ability to make everyone feel that they are part of the music.”  

- Jeffrey King

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“This is the dream...”

“Every lesson with Kenyon is both challenging and rewarding. Every day I feel more like a real musician. This is the dream I had in 7th grade."  

- Dr. Kevin Moore

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“All the elements that I love...”

“From the first time I heard 'Game On' it had all the elements that I love: upbeat positive energy, a cool funky groove, and some challenging musical elements all within the framework of a catchy radio friendly song. Enjoy it! I did."  

- Chuck Loeb

Game On


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Songs for My Father


Right By My Side